Locker Agreement

Blue Sky Ranch Locker Agreement and Responsibilities:

I agree to:

  1. Safeguard and protect all lockers
  2. Keep individual lockers clean (no food or drinks other than water can be stored in lockers – if mice or pests cause damage related to contents left in your locker – you will be held responsible for repair costs)
  3. Pay for all damages beyond normal wear and tear and refrain from permanently modifying the locker (hook and shelf removal or addition are acceptable as long as they can be restored to previous condition)
  4. Allow management to inspect locker upon request
  5. Inform manifest upon vacating your locker
  6. Make a minimum of 20 jumps at the Ranch per season

Blue Sky Ranch management (the “Management”) may terminate or revoke this agreement for any reason at any time.  Management, their employees and agents are not responsible for anything lost, damaged or stolen from lockers.  Leaving gear or personal items in lockers through the winter and/or throughout the year is solely at your own risk.

Individuals are allowed only 1 locker per person.  If you do not renew your locker agreement or do not make any jumps during the previous season (May 1st through April 30th), you must vacate your locker and remove all contents by May 1st.  If you do not make your locker payment by May 1st, you forfeit your locker and its contents will be removed.  Management is not responsible for your personal lock or contents if they are removed after the May 1st deadline for either non-payment or non-renewal.

 Locker usage fees cover the period of May 1st (current year of payment) through April 30th (of the following year).

 Locker fees are assessed as follows:

    • If paid in full before May 1st = $80
    • If the locker gods take pity on you and allow you to keep your locker even though you pay after the May 1st deadline = $95 (late fees added because we had to hunt you down)

 If 20 jumps are not made during the previous locker period, there is a $125 surcharge which will be assessed on May 1st.  The surcharge of not meeting the minimum number of jumps will be assessed even if you do not renew your locker for the upcoming season.

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