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Skydive the Ranch, owned and operated by professional skydivers, has been bringing the gift of flight to hundreds of thousands of people for over 40 years.

Our prestigious team of licensed skydiving instructors hold the highest ratings in the sport.

Soar over the Hudson Valley with views from the Catskills to the Shawangunk Mountains to the Manhattan skyline!

Why Choose Skydive the Ranch?

  • The largest planes in the Northeast - up to 11 friends in one plane
  • We have been specializing in tandem skydiving for over 40 years
  • Staff with the most experience and highest USPA ratings in the industry
  • No hidden fees
  • Longest freefall in the Northeast
  • Relaxed, fun atmosphere with dedicated spectator viewing area
  • The easiest location to travel to via private or public transportation
  • Views of cliffs, mountains, glacial lakes and the Manhattan skyline
  • Located in the center of the Hudson Valley tourist region

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Skydiving Top Stories

Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation coverage of the sport of Skydiving

XPG4 Athlete Brenn Richards:
Channel Your Fear, Try The Impossible

Pro skydiver Brenn Richards talks about how to channel fear to enrich your life; and tackles skydiving misconceptions.

In this week’s Spotlight, we feature a two-part interview with XPG4 athlete Brenn Richards, who recently represented the US at the Indoor World Championships.

Richards got her skydiving license at Skydive the Ranch and was a member of four-person Team Ranch 2nd Generation, or R2G, for several years before the team split up. Now, two of those members are on Arizona Airspeed, where they won gold over the winter at the Indoor Skydiving National Championships, while Brenn and two other R2G members, Michelle Karamon and Jeana Billings, have reunited as part of the all-female 4-Way team XPG4 based out of XP Paraclete in North Carolina.

Read the full story here….

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